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Friday, April 1, 2011

Yes or No question

Hye fellow bloggers , 

My entry this time is about the way people answer a question when we ask them . When we ask a question , we expect them to answer it straight forward and accurately .

For example :-

                           GUY:  Do you want to have lunch ?

                           GIRL: Up to you .

                           GUY: *sigh* =.=''

This is one of the example of some of the yes or no questions . OMG , just answer yes or no to get things straight and the guy can make his move whether to have lunch or not . The way the girl answer is like asking him again whether he want to have lunch or not . Sometimes this thing annoys people because when questions is ask , answers must be given . UP TO YOU is not an answer . This sort of thing can start out a fight . Please people when it is a yes or no question just answer it straight forward . It is simple to make decision this way .


  1. UP TO YOU means YES for us. just so you know, thanks you :)

  2. bagi i pulak, i prefer that guy untuk kata 'jom' rather than 'nak tak?' .haha. sbb i selalunya memang tak boleh buat keputusan bile kene tanye. even soalan simple.hahaha.

  3. mmg la it suppose to be a yes no question.. but then, if that girl said, "up to you".. maknanya, dia nak..better if that guy cakap, "jom makan" berbanding "nak tak?".. and so, i agree with nona and nadia.