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Friday, April 22, 2011


*click the video, the lyrics are wonderful 

Every beginning has their own ending . In every relationship has its own happy and sad ending . Ask yourself , whether your fairytale is a happy ending or a sad ending . 

Today i am going to talk about SAD ENDING . Every person in this whole wide world dream of a good and happy fairytale . Guys and girls ,  fairytales do come true . Believe me , when u manage to marry your lover it will probably feel like awww . I can't describe it . BUT if the relationship ended with he/she walked away from your life , i bet you felt like dying or you want to rip off your heart and throw it away . 

Before you end your life , think again why he/she left you ? why he/she broke your heart ? and the most important question of all , is he/she your MR/MS RIGHT ?

Everyone in this world have their own destined people to be with . I mean EVERYONE ! when u had a sad ending , think positive although your heart cries with blood and tears . Maybe he/she is not your MR/MS RIGHT . 

Perhaps he/she is not the right one for you. And it is hard to find a person that willing  to spent his/her whole life time with you . 

When this thing happened to you , just say to yourself  :- 


 he/she is not my mr/ms right .

It takes time to find the right one , and maybe you will encounter many MR/MS WRONGs but that is life . 

LIFE MUST GO ON and cherish your life people . You live only once in this world . 

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