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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long Distance Relationship

*click the video before u read ..

People always have a doubt when it is about long distance relationship . The most important thing when we commit ourself to be in a relationship is TRUST . Without trust , many unwanted things could happened . For example :-

once the heart is broken ,
it will never be the same again
  •            quarreling      ; u guys will not only fight once , but most probably multiple of fights .
  •            misunderstanding; this will definitely will happened 
  •            heart broken    ; once his/her heart is broken , their heart will never be the same. Patches will be all over it .

This is a few example that might happened . 

Long distance relationship is not a risk if u have trust , communication and faith between each other . Just remember , if u gonna cheat on him/her , she/he can do the same too and u would not know it . TRUST , COMMUNICATION and FAITH is important here . GOODLUCK TO ALL AND TO ME TOO . 

p/s: if you think you want to cheat her/him , think again . Do you want her/him to do the same thing . Will you like it . THINK OF HER/HIM BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING because your actions will effect her/him .


  1. i've gone through a long distance relationship,,walopun xjauh mne and still dlm malaysia walopun negeri lain2,,the most important thing are TRUST AND COMMUNICATION,, trust me,, :)

  2. GOODLUCK TO ALL AND TO ME TOO <---- and you too? haha :p